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Are you an adult (age 18 or older) who is on the autism spectrum?
Do you have a desire to be employed and work?
Are you interested in sharing your aptitudes and skills in the workforce?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, please submit your inquiry now!

Mind Shift is currently working with businesses in our four markets (Fargo Area , ND, Minneapolis Area, MN, Milwaukee Area, WI, and Denver Area, CO) and we have positions available in a variety of areas including: Manufacturing roles, Data/Technology roles, non-clinical healthcare roles, and administrative service roles. One of these roles may be right for you!

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What types of job opportunities do we offer?

Some of our most common positions include the following: manufacturing; data entry; data analysis; sterile processing; software engineering;

Is this full time?

We expect our positions to range from 20-40 hours/week but this is all dependent on a case by case status.

What kind of support can I expect?

Mind Shift will provide advocacy for specialists in the business partnership to ensure appropriate accommodations and supports are present for success. Mind Shift will also provide initial weekly check-ins with both the specialist and the business partner to sustain an open line of communication between all involved parties. Then, we taper those check ins depending on the individual needs of each specialist.

Why does Mind Shift require Employment Success Training?

Mind Shift has created a training process that prepares people who are on the autism spectrum for the workforce. Through this process, the Mind Shift Employment Services team and candidates build knowledge, understanding, and trust in each other resulting in a high level of success in the work environment.

How is Mind Shift different from other programs for people with disabilities?

Mind Shift uses a business model where the candidates and the business partners work together with the goal of mutual success. Mind Shift provides knowledge to the business leaders/managers so that they have confidence in working with individuals who are on the autism spectrum. At the same time, Mind Sift continues to work with the specialists to triage situations that may arise, thus creating success for everyone.

Who is my employer?

Mind Shift is in essence a staffing agency specifically for individuals who are on the autism spectrum.  Therefore, Mind Shift is the employer and pays the salary and benefits for specialists. Mind Shift contracts with business partners to provide the work that the specialists perform, and Mind Shift and the business partner have established the billing rate. The Specialist receives an hourly wage based on what the business partner pays for that task. The Specialist is eligible for benefits through Mind Shift.

Can specialists become direct hires for the business partners?

Yes. Direct hire by the business partner is an option and Mind Shift works closely with the specialist and the business partner should both agree to move forward into a direct hire position.