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Newsletter – October 25, 2021

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Focus on Manufacturing

Mind Shift Specialists are part of the force driving productivity that comes in manufacturing automation.

  • 37% of Mind Shift customers are in the manufacturing industry
  • Manufacturers in the United States account for 11.39% of the total output in the economy, employing 8.51% of the workforce

Our Strategic Business Partners and Markets

Mind Shift would like to welcome Seagate, our newest strategic business partner.

“We just started using Mind Shift contingent workers in our MNC Wafer fab at the beginning of September. So far, we have targeted their work at loading and unloading our robots which travel between our three factories transporting wafers in lot boxes.

We have found the Mind Shift temps to be reliable, hard-working and have a good attitude. They are a great addition to our manufacturing team and seagate logo relieve other operators from this duty to allow them to focus utilizing the high tech equipment in our factories.”

~ Ryan C. Carlson, Senior Manager – Wafer Manufacturing Operations

Our Amazing Talent

Mind Shift is a great organization. I have been working the past few weeks with Seagate, a company specializing in technical hardware. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work alongside the operating team to assist in receiving and sending out the lot boxes and clam shells containing the wafers used to produce the hard drives for consumers all over the world. It has been a great experience meeting individuals of different backgrounds, which allows me to gain a positive, diverse work environment on a day-to-day basis. ~ Evan

If you want to succeed, you will need a good night sleep, a nutritious diet, walking shoes with insoles designed to reduce soreness, and tight wool socks that will keep the blood flowing. I am a very high functioning autistic, and sometimes I even have difficulty with visual and auditory stimuli near the end of my shift. If you are going to have any problems with this, wear earplugs/earmuffs to help you stay focused and let your manager(s) or trainer(s) know what you will be doing beforehand. ~ Justin

Our Operations

Avenue of potential…

Successful partnerships continue to move us toward our vision- a world off work where all people are valued for their different ways of thinking.

See this blog post from Paul Dymit, Lead Production Supervisor at Boston Scientific and his success working with Mind Shift Specialist, Michael.

Read Blog Post: Avenue of Potential

Don’t forget that Mind Shift operations are supported by individual and business donations.

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All the best,

Joy Kieffer
Mind Shift Executive Director

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