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Newsletter – May 31, 2021

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Do you know a business looking for a talented pool of workers?

Do you know individuals on the autism spectrum who are eager and ready to work?

Connect with Mind Shift and our talented staff works to bring talented people and businesses. You can be part of the Mind Shift story!

Our Strategic Business Partners and Markets

See this short video featuring our Business Partner “Anthem” and Mind Shift specialists working there in Data Management. To see other Testimonials from our Strategic Business Partners click this link.

Our Amazing Talent

What type of tech talent does Mind Shift have?

Mind Shift has a group of skilled individuals who work with our strategic business partners to make data more understandable.

Data visualization is one area where Mind Shift talent excels.

See examples of Mind Shift data visualization work
at the links here:

During the COVID months, Mind Shift began working as a remote data team with strategic business partners who needed a quick response team to help them with data visualization work.

Our Operations

Mind Shift seeks strategic business partners

What do we mean by “strategic business partnership?”

Mind Shift works with companies and community organizations to bring individuals who are on the autism spectrum into the world of work.  Mind Shift’s mission is to help businesses employ the strengths of people on the autism spectrum.

We build strategic partnerships, mutually beneficial arrangements between two separate companies, that benefit all parties.

People who are on the autism spectrum want fulfilling, meaningful employment with a community that values them.


Mind Shift achieves its mission in helping our strategic business partners tap into a pipeline of these capable and competent people. 

Check out our website to see Current Mind Shift Partners and tell us how we can help fill roles in your business.  Mind Shift has people ready and able to work right now in IT fields, Health Services, Manufacturing, and Administrative roles. 

We bring the competitive advantage of neurodiverse thinking into the workforce.

All the best,

Joy Kieffer
Mind Shift Executive Director

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