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Newsletter – June 27, 2022

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Our Operations

New Denver Area Manager: Meet Samy Alkaihal

Hello. I grew up in the state of the Mile High City, surrounded by the lush and extravagant rocky mountains. I lived, worked and studied abroad in Morocco where I picked up many languages and skill sets. I have worked in many fields in the past, from Marketing to Education, where my love and drive to work with others and give back to the community grew.

I have a strong vision for the Denver Market Area and plan to not just expand it, but collaboratively and purposefully develop strong ties with the communities and the individuals that make it up. One business and specialist at a time! 


Our Strategic Business Partners and Markets

Did you know that Mind Shift works with businesses across the Midwest?

As a staffing business that brings a neurodiverse population into the workforce, Mind Shift partners with both large corporations as well as small businesses.

  • Boston Scientific in the Minneapolis area and Sanford Health in Fargo both have 10 Specialists working on site.
  • Aldevron in Fargo has 8 Specialists working on site.
  • Anthem Healthcare in Minneapolis has 8 Specialists working in a hybrid model.
  • Seagate in Minneapolis has 7 Specialists working on site.
  • Mind Shift has 8 additional businesses that have 2 Specialists working at each site and 10 more businesses that have 1 Specialist on site.

Manufacturing, Non-clinical Healthcare, and Technology businesses each account for 30% of the Mind Shift workforce.


Mind Shift brings our strategic business partners a pipeline of talent equipped to meet their business goals. Join our family of businesses by reaching out to us.

Below is a sampling of businesses we are proud to partner with:

Our Amazing Talent

Check out the testimonials from Diane at Sandman and Michael at OneOme, as they share their stories.

Diane is a Specialist working at Sandman Structural Engineers based in Moorhead, MN.  Watch to hear how she found her home with Mind Shift.

Michael is a Specialist working at OneOme in the Minneapolis market.  Watch his video to hear how Mind Shift helped him find his way in the workforce.


While creating a self-sustaining model, businesses benefit from the detail-oriented skills of people on the autism spectrum while providing meaningful, sustainable employment.


A world of work where all people are valued for their different ways of thinking.


Value Focused, Respect, Clarity, Accommodation, & Accessibility
Did you know…


Research suggests that teams with neurodivergent professionals in some roles can be 30% more productivethan those without them. Inclusion and integration of neurodivergent professionals can also boost team morale.

*Deloite Insights Magazine 2021

All the best,

Joy Kieffer
Mind Shift Executive Director