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Newsletter – December 27, 2021

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Welcome Razor Consulting Solutions to the Mind Shift family!

Our Strategic Business Partners and Markets

Razor Consulting Solutions is one of the newest Mind Shift strategic business partners.

Founded by Carla Schwartzenberger and Eric Mauch, Razor Consulting Solutions provides professional business, government, and technology services with the belief in providing innovative solutions delivered with integrity.

An intense focus on company culture, innovation, and transparent execution style allows them to provide best-in-class services to their customers no matter the business need. Their range of services include BPO engagements with Fortune 500 companies, providing services to local and federal government clients, and supporting technology startups.

Razor has been honored with awards, such as Best-Places-to-Work, Fastest Growing Company in North Dakota, North Dakota Small Business Persons of the Year, which they believe are a direct result of employee and client satisfaction.

Our Amazing Talent

Featured Specialist

Milwaukee area Specialist Trevor Sedlacek

Trevor earned his degree from University Wisconsin-Green Bay with a major in computer science and a minor in geography.  He heard about Mind Shift from an uncle. Trevor moved to the Milwaukee, WI area where his sister, brother-in-law and many of his friends live.

In his work as a Mind Shift specialist, Trevor has completed different projects using a variety of programming languages in different environments. Currently, Trevor is working for Mind Shift as a software developer with our strategic business partner, Razor Consulting Solutions.

When asked what advice Trevor would give to others, he said, “Communication is important in the workforce. Know that there are people out there that can help you if it is needed. Just ask.”

Our Operations

Thank you to our supporters

As the end of the year winds down, we take this opportunity to express immense gratitude to those that have donated to Mind Shift not only this year, but throughout our history. We are blessed with a business model that funds our expenses with our revenues, which enables us to use all donated funds for growth and expansion.

Two years ago we were less than a third the size that we are today and that wouldn’t be possible without all of those who choose to contribute to Mind Shift financially. The funds that you donate allow us to serve more people and that is what gets us excited to go to work each day.

Thank you, we promise to continue to be good stewards of your dollars and make a difference in the lives of talented individuals on the autism spectrum.

~ Josh Teigen, Mind Shift Board Member

All the best,

Joy Kieffer
Mind Shift Executive Director