Newsletter – August 30, 2021

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2021 Affiliate of the Year

Disability: IN Wisconsin

Mind Shift offers experts across a range of business functions in the Healthcare Industry.  We bring valuable resources to organizations and a largely untapped talent pool.

“Together, we have worked to empower people to achieve more.  The members of Disability:IN Wisconsin are INvested, INvolved and committed to making the workforce more INclusive and welcoming for all including individuals with disabilities.  We hope by sharing our growth and what we’ve learned, we can continue to build our disability inclusion programs, encourage the hiring of great talent and reduce the unemployment rate for people with disabilities.”

Judy Quigley Executive Director, Disability:IN Wisconsin

Our Strategic Business Partners and Markets

Exciting things are happening at “Disability:IN Wisconsin”

Participating employers have access to:

  • resources for recruiting candidates with disabilities
  • information on disability issues/topics
  • recognition for best disability employment practices
  • exposure to an untapped market for goods and services

See video testimonials from Mind Shift Business Partners here.

Our Amazing Talent

From a community partner:
“I am really impressed with how Mind Shift is helping guide those on the spectrum into the workforce. It’s not just being a “headhunter” for them, but really helping/training/inspiring them to be a part of a team, to walk through those difficult conversations (interviews/performance reviews/talks at the water cooler).”

Christine Meek
Notary Public/Loan Signing Agent
Denver Metropolitan Area

We continue to add talent
Mind Shift is looking for neurodiverse talent in all markets. If you live in one of our market areas, or are willing to relocate, contact one of our Employment Services Managers:

bailie.trittin@mindshift.works for positions in Fargo or Denver

jolynn.larson@mindshift.works for positions in Minneapolis or Milwaukee

We work with our candidates so they are fully prepared to contribute through work.

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Our Operations


The founders of Mind Shift saw the world of work as an opportunity for individuals who are on the autism spectrum. These visionaries didn’t use the acronym DE&I, but they did hold to those ideals. These elements are a part of the Mind Shift founding documents.

See how Mind Shift embraces: Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Diversifying a workforce doesn’t ensure success. Mind Shift provides both the business and the talent toolbox to develop natural supports within the organization. We understand that when the employee is successful, the business flourishes.

Mind Shift Mission, Vision, and Values

All the best,

Joy Kieffer
Mind Shift Executive Director

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