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Newsletter – August 29, 2022

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Our Strategic Business Partners and Markets


Did you know that medications work differently for different people? OneOme, co-founded by the Mayo Clinic, created its RightMed Test to help patients find the medications more likely to work for them based on their unique genes. As an organization focused on highlighting and celebrating uniqueness, partnering with Mind Shift was a natural fit for OneOme, who has been employing Mind Shift Specialists for over two years.

“We’ve had great success with our Mind Shift Specialists, particularly on our client services and accounting teams. Our Specialists help their teammates, and our clients, by digging deep into details, elevating our internal processes, and performing repetitive tasks that require a sharp focus to avoid mistakes. They’ve been a great addition to our culture and team.”

                 ~Patrick McIntyre, CEO at OneOme.

Our Amazing Talent

Introducing Specialist Lisa Brott

Introducing Lisa Brott, Mind Shift Specialist. Lisa has been working at Business Partner OneOme for over a year. She works in light assembly where she prepares the DNA kits that then are shipped to clinics and patients. Part of her job is to order supplies and do monthly inventory reports. She is currently training on the shipment of international kits.

Lisa loves working with her client service co-workers. The office is warm and welcoming and there is room for growth within the organization. At times the workload can get higher and it is a challenge to work against the clock getting a high volume of shipments out. Lisa says she has an awesome manager and much support from co-workers.

Lisa is an avid collector of Breyer farm animals. It started in childhood and she has taken it up again at the past several years. She has a new feathered friend named SASSY SILA who is a Quaker parrot with a big personality. Lisa picked her out before she was hatched and waited about 2 months to adopt her. She was hand reared.


While creating a self-sustaining model, businesses benefit from the detail-oriented skills of people on the autism spectrum while providing meaningful, sustainable employment.


A world of work where all people are valued for their different ways of thinking.


Value Focused, Respect, Clarity, Accommodation, & Accessibility

Our Operations

Mind Shift continues to grow in 2022.

The future is bright!

Mind Shift continues to seek out business partners who are committed to providing competitive integrated employment solutions by increasing the neurodiversity of their workforce.

Mind Shift has:

  • Increased the number of active business partners by 9% so far in 2022
  • Increased the number of Specialists employed by 8% so far in 2022
  • 84.4% of our Specialists work at large businesses (>500 employees)
  • 15.6% of our Specialists work at small businesses (<500employees)

We are looking forward to meeting with you!  Connect with us at www.mindshift.works.

All the best,

Joy Kieffer
Mind Shift Executive Director