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Newsletter – April 26, 2021

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Hello Mind Shift family,

Do you know of a business that is looking for a talented pool of workers? Do you know individuals who are on the autism spectrum who are eager and ready to work? Connect with Mind Shift and our talented staff works to bring talented people and businesses. You can be part of the Mind Shift story!

Our Strategic Business Partners and Markets

Co-founded by Mayo Clinic, OneOme is a precision medicine leader focused on bringing high-quality pharmacogenomics (PGx) into patient care.  This innovative company is one of our Mind Shift Strategic Business Partners.  They have demonstrated that they see the value that neurodiverse thinkers bring to their business. OneOme’s Chief Executive Officer, Patrick McIntyre, and Chief Administrative Officer, Tanya Rylee, have made a commitment to building a diverse workforce and providing several individuals with employment where they can make a difference.

OneOme’s RightMed® Solution helps healthcare organizations, providers, and payers optimize patient outcomes and reduce costs by facilitating more personalized prescriptions. Paired with an in-house CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited lab, OneOme’s RightMed Test provides genetic insights that doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers can use to help inform medication decisions for individual patients. To see Testimonials from OneOme and other Strategic Business Partners click this link.

Our Amazing Talent

Spencer Hopfauf, a Mind Shift employee, said this:

1. I never expected myself to enjoy janitorial work, but I genuinely enjoy keeping the Aldevron labs clean and making sure things are tidy when the morning shift comes around.

2. Five years (or something like that) ago, I was pretty sure I’d be stuck working in a job that I hate for the foreseeable future. I got recommended Mind Shift by a good friend, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. I don’t think I would’ve been able to get as much work experience as I have without them. Click here to go to our application.

Our Operations

Mind Shift’s data team is a fast growing division doing work on a variety of projects for various Strategic Business Partners across the United States. Even before COVID changed the face of how work is done, Mind Shift began working with business partners on project specific work. Currently, the team works based out of our Milwaukee office doing work work clients from coast to coast. Our goal is to expand the number of people working on this team to include individuals who may physically live in any part of the country. The ability to work remotely has been one way Mind Shift has evolved to meet the needs of our strategic business

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We bring the competitive advantage of neurodiverse thinking into the workforce.

All the best,

Joy Kieffer
Mind Shift Executive Director