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Embracing Neurodiversity at Eide Bailly – Insights from Chad Flanagan

By April 30, 2024No Comments

Business Partner Feature – Eide Bailly

Chad Flanagan | Partner and Board of Directors at Eide Bailly

How does Eide Bailly embrace neurodiversity in the workplace? What challenges, goals, or opportunities led you to seek out neurodiverse talent for your team?

  • Eide Bailly has established a diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative aimed at fostering a professional environment where our employees can be their authentic selves.
  • This initiative has broadened our perspective on sourcing talent.
  • Having collaborated with Mindshift for several years, I have had the opportunity to work with exceptional specialists who have made significant contributions to our team.

How has working with Mind Shift facilitated the integration of neurodiverse talent into your company?

  • Our specialists have integrated seamlessly into our team, and it has been enlightening to hear their unique stories. This experience has highlighted the capabilities of neurodiverse individuals.

What benefits have you observed since integrating neurodiverse talent into Eide Bailly?

  • A notable benefit is the meticulous attention to detail our specialists possess. Their thorough documentation of our processes was so exemplary that we incorporated their methods and work products into our onboarding process to train new team members.

What challenges have arisen in hiring and working with neurodiverse individuals, and how have you addressed them? How has Mind Shift contributed?

  • Mindshift has played a crucial role in guiding us in establishing an optimal work environment.
  • Occasionally, we’ve encountered setbacks, such as organizing a social event in a small, noisy setting, which highlighted the need for more suitable accommodations.
  • These experiences have been learning opportunities that have enhanced our awareness and approach.

What advice would you offer to other companies considering the integration of neurodiverse talent into their workplace?

  • I strongly recommend Mindshift and its specialists. They have become a vital part of our team. Engaging with these individuals will swiftly foster an appreciation for neurodiversity in any organization.