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Do you have connections with individuals who are on the autism spectrum?
Are your contacts interested in competitive integrated employment, and are they having challenges finding employment?
Would you like to explore how Mind Shift works to build partnerships that bring people with autism into the world of work?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, submit your inquiry now!

Mind Shift is currently working to identify young people and adults who are on the autism spectrum for a variety of roles with our business partners in our four markets (Fargo Area , ND, Minneapolis Area, MN, Milwaukee Area, WI, and Denver Area, CO) and we have positions available in a variety of areas including: Manufacturing roles, Data/Technology roles, non-clinical healthcare roles, and administrative service roles.

All of our roles are in competitive, integrated environments. Our successful candidates complete our Mind Shift proprietary Employment Success training program at no cost to them. Our successful candidates work with businesses who are prepared by Mind Shift to support them in their success in their roles. Mind Shift continues to provide retention services throughout the employment.

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Do you provide job coaching?

We do not provide one to one job coaching. The level of coaching needed is based on the ability of the candidate to work independently. We will provide check-ins, advocacy, and support established accommodations alongside an individual while they are working as a Mind Shift employee.

Do you partner with outside resources if an individual needs initial one to one coaching?

Yes, but it is required that the individual have the ability to work independently within the first 60 days of employment.

Do you find individuals jobs specifically in their area of interest?

The jobs Mind Shift offers are based on the availability of opportunities with our Strategic Business Partners. We will pursue a role with an individual that aligns with their skills and abilities that they have shared with us and we have identified during our ESTA process. We are not in the business of finding someone’s ideal job.

What are the steps to pursue an employment opportunity with Mind Shift?

Before pursuing an employment opportunity, all individuals are required to complete Mind Shift’s Employment Success Training and Acculturation Process. This training process allows us the time to understand an individual’s skills and abilities, what they need to be successful in a workplace, and make sure they are prepared for the world of work. It is not job specific training.

How long is the training?

The length of training can vary depending on the individual. It is typically 40 hours of time spread out over a period of 1-3 weeks.

How long does it take you to find someone a job?

The length of time to employment varies depending on the individual and the given circumstances.

Can I join in on your meetings with the individual?

We do allow external parties to join in on our Introductory Call. After that point, communication is directly with that individual. We do have an Authorization to Release Confidential Information that the individual can fill out so we can provide you with updates regarding their potential employment and the employment progress.

Does a person have to work full time?

No, they do not. However, job availability may vary depending on the number of hours an individual is able to work.

Do you employ individuals under the age of 18?

They can begin the process prior to turning 18, but will not be employed until they are 18 years of age.

Will you work with individuals who have disabilities combined with or other than Autism?

Because we are in the business of employing individuals who are on the Autism Spectrum, individuals working for us need to accept that they will be identified as being on the Autism Spectrum. We at Mind Shift do not require an official diagnosis to go through our process, we only require individuals to identify as on the Autism Spectrum. We do, however, partner with some businesses that may require an official diagnosis to pursue their employment opportunities.

Can individuals convert to direct hire with a Mind Shift Strategic Business Partner?

Yes, we offer paths to direct hire for individuals who are interested in that. It is addressed on a case by case basis.

Do you require an individual to sign a contract that says they will only seek employment through Mind Shift?

No, we do not. Our mission is to pursue long term employment opportunities with our Specialists.

What do you consider to be characteristics of an ideal candidate for Mind Shift?

We are in the business of pursuing employment. Our expectation is that individuals going through our process are pursuing employment post training. For this reason, individuals who are “ideal candidates” for our process have to want to work and must have the ability to work independently for the long term.