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Milwaukee Career Opportunities for Autistic Adults

Explore Career Opportunities in Minnesota with Mind Shift

Mind Shift actively promotes and prepares candidates possessing the necessary aptitudes and skills to collaborate with our existing business partners.

Mind Shift also provides training and guidance to our business partners, enabling them to effectively engage with individuals on the autism spectrum. This includes our specialized program, “Autism in the Workplace” and person-specific training.

We invite you to embark on this transformative journey where your unique skill can truly shine, and your contribution has the power to create a meaningful impact. Join us at Mind Shift and become a catalyst for positive change.

Immediate job openings in light industrial manufacturing roles with Mind Shift:

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Potential Candidates
  • Light industrial/manufacturing roles Non-clinical healthcare roles (
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Potential Community Partners
  • Brookfield, WI
  • New Berlin, WI
  • Waukesha, WI 
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Potential Business Partners

We have candidates who have skills in

  • Business analytical and technical skills
  • Technical/project management experience
  • Project management experience
  • Entry-level data entry
  • Entry level technology
  • More to come
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Are you experienced in working with adults on the autism spectrum or know someone who is?

Community agencies/partners can schedule a meeting with a Mind Shift team member to explore collaboration with Mind Shift in our mission to help businesses utilize the skills of people who are on the autism spectrum.

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Is your business in need of a skilled, talented, exceptionally focused, reliable and dedicated workforce?

Connect with one of our Mind Shift team members and find out how you can tap into this exceptional talent pool through Mind Shift.

Mind Shift is actively seeking business partners who need determined and dedicated people who have: 

  • Entry-level tech experience/aspiration
  • Entry-level manufacturing experience/aspiration

Join us in fostering a more inclusive and dynamic workforce. Connect with us today to explore the possibilities!

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“Our Employment Success Training Programs are designed to help candidates gain a deep understanding of their unique strengths, abilities, and challenges encompassing aspects such as their thought processes, problem-solving skills, communication, and learning preferences.”

Mind Shift Specialist

Milwaukee Mind Works Specialist Meghan


Meet Meghan, an exceptional and highly skilled specialist based in Milwaukee. Meghan is a valuable member of our team, bringing a wealth of talent and expertise. Her dedication and passion for her work make her a stand-out professional in her field.

Feel free to reach out to our Area Market Manager, Connor Martin for further insights into  Mind Shift’s approach to providing our business partners with the right talent that perfectly aligns with their requirements.

Qualifications & Skills


Bachelor in Arts & Minor in Psychology- University of Wisconsin,  Whitewater 

Associates in Graphic Design-Waukesha County Technical College

Certifications: Excellence in Leadership, Digital Photography, Web Design, & Digital Production.

  1. Emotional Intelligence: Meghan emotional intelligence enables her to understand the needs of both herself and others making her an effective team player
  2. Effective Listener:  Her exceptional listening skills enhance her ability to communicate effectively.
  3. Problem-Solving:  Her capacity to think thoroughly through problems demonstrates her methodical mindset in approaching challenges.
  4. Technical Proficiency:  She is highly proficient in working with various programs including Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Word which can be beneficial for tasks involving design and technical work.
  5. Adaptability: She is adaptable and quickly picks up new tasks and responsibilities in various work environments.

An Ideal Fit

  • Her unique perspective as an individual on the autism spectrum, combined with her experience managing mental health conditions, equips her to contribute to a work environment and to be both effective and inclusive.
  • She is skilled in communicating with both neurodivergent and neurotypical people, bridging the gap to ensure clarity and collaboration within the workplace

Areas of Professional Interest

  • She is open to working with businesses of various sizes.
  • She is interested in incorporating broad skills acquired through design training into everyday tasks.
  • She is flexible & open to expanding horizons, adapting skillsets to match the requirements of the job position. 

Goals (Next 3-5 years)

  • Maintain a full-time position with Mind Shift.
  • Develop a small business specializing in art, design, and photography.
  • Consider returning to school for a specialization aligned with the employer’s needs.

Mind Shift Specialist

Mindshift Logo


Meet Ananda, She is a passionate and dedicated professional, excelling in diverse roles. Deeply invested in work, committed to making a positive impact in the community.

Feel free to reach out to our Area Market Manager, Connor Martin for further insights into Mind Shift’s approach to providing our business partners with the right talent that perfectly aligns with their requirements.

Qualifications & Skills


Hold three postgraduate degrees, including one at the master’s level, all earned without accommodations.

M.A. in Art Education-Maryland Institute College of Art

BFA in Art Education-UWM

B.A in Liberal Arts with a focus on Studio Arts and Developmental Psychology-The Evergreen State College

  1.  Kitchen Mastery: Experienced in commercial kitchen, adept at handling industrial equipment and live cultures
  2.  Adaptability Expert: Adaptable to various work environments, excelling in roles that thrive in a supportive atmosphere.
  3.  Diverse Professional Background: Paid dues in tattooing, teaching, lifeguard, reality TV, and commercial kitchens.
  4.  Problem Solver & Research Enthusiast: She has strong pattern recognition and problem-solving skills. Additionally, she excels in research, and has proficient typing abilities, thoroughly enjoying tasks related to data entry.

An Ideal Fit

  • Her academic excellence achieved without accommodations, demonstrates a strong foundation in education.
  • Deeply invested in work with a commitment to making a positive impact in the community. Stands out due to unparalleled passion and dedication, distinguishing herself as a candidate who excels in diverse roles.

Areas of Professional Interest

  • Interested in Education, Arts, Lab Work, Research, and Data entry.
  • Desires basic dignity and fair compensation for a job well done.
  • Aims to build stock for Etsy and Studio Sales

Goals (Next 3-5 years)

  • Focus on stable employment to support self and children.
  • Recognize the importance of remaining open to changing professional aspirations and actively engage in that process.