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If you’re on the Autism Spectrum seeking employment in North Dakota, connect with our employment services team member, Jennifer Olson. 

Meet Tyler, A Mind Shift Specialist at Sanford as a Panel Specialist. Watch the complete video to learn about Tyler’s journey, and experiences, and how Mind Shift has supported his professional growth.

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Explore Career Opportunities in North Dakota with Mind Shift

Mind Shift actively promotes and prepares candidates possessing the necessary aptitudes and skills to collaborate with our existing business partners.

Mind Shift also provides training and guidance to our business partners, enabling them to effectively engage with individuals on the autism spectrum. This includes our specialized program, “Autism in the Workplace” and person-specific training.

We invite you to embark on this transformative journey where your unique skill can truly shine, and your contribution has the power to create a meaningful impact. Join us at Mind Shift and become a catalyst for positive change.

Embracing Neurodiversity at Eide Bailly - Insights from Chad Flanagan, Business Partner Feature – Eide Bailly

Immediate job openings in light industrial manufacturing roles with Mind Shift:

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Potential Candidates
  • Light industrial/manufacturing roles (Fargo, ND area)
  • Non-clinical healthcare roles (both Fargo and Jamestown, ND)
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Potential Community Partners
  • Fargo, ND
  • Jamestown, ND
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Potential Business Partners

We have candidates who have skills in

  • Business analytical and technical skills
  • Technical/project management experience
  • Project management experience
  • Entry-level data entry
  • Entry level technology
  • More to come
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Are you experienced in working with adults on the autism spectrum or know someone who is?

Community agencies/partners can schedule a meeting with a Mind Shift team member to explore collaboration with Mind Shift in our mission to help businesses utilize the skills of people who are on the autism spectrum.

Is your business in need of a skilled, talented, exceptionally focused, reliable and dedicated workforce?

Connect with one of our Mind Shift team members and find out how you can tap into this exceptional talent pool through Mind Shift.

Mind Shift is actively seeking business partners who need determined and dedicated people who have: 

  • Entry-level tech experience/aspiration
  • Entry-level manufacturing experience/aspiration

Join us in fostering a more inclusive and dynamic workforce. Connect with us today to explore the possibilities!

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“Our Employment Success Training Programs are designed to help candidates gain a deep understanding of their unique strengths, abilities, and challenges encompassing aspects such as their thought processes, problem-solving skills, communication, and learning preferences.”

Mind Shift Specialist

Fargo Mind Shift Specialist Sam


Meet Sam, a seasoned professional with a rich background in engineering and programming. Sam’s remarkable skills and attributes, his hands-on experience, programming proficiency, and soft skills make him an ideal candidate.

Feel free to reach out to our Employment Service Manager, JoLynn Larson for further insights into Mind Shift’s approach to providing our business partners with the right talent that perfectly aligns with their requirements.

Qualifications & Skills


With a solid foundation in Engineering, Sam has excelled in the design and manufacturing of component parts.

Driven by a passion for continuous learning, Sam returned to school to cultivate programming skills, focusing on Machine Learning, the Application of AI, and Robotics.


1. Engineering Skills: His expertise spans various aspects, including part modeling, material selection, process design and implementation, equipment selection, and manufacturing oversight.

2. Programming Skills: Specialized knowledge in Machine Learning, Application of AI, and Robotics.

3. Problem Solving: He demonstrates strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

4. Independent work with well-defined goals: Capable of working independently when goals are clearly defined, ensuring tasks are accomplished efficiently.

5. Creative Problem Solving: Brings creativity to find innovative solutions for challenging problems.

An Ideal Fit

  • He excels in problem-solving skills, demonstrating a capacity to work independently when goals are well-defined. He is adept at offering creative solutions to tackle challenging problems.

Areas of Professional Interest

  • While flexible, Sam leans towards a role involving programming applications, particularly within manufacturing industries.

Goals (Next 3-5 years)

  • Sam aspires to evolve into an innovator within the organization, contributing groundbreaking ideas and solutions that drive the company’s success.