2004 - Thorkil Sonne founds Specialisterne ("Specialists" in Danish) based on the belief that the strengths people on the autism spectrum that were not being accessed by the world of work.

2012 - A group of like-minded individuals in Minnesota convince Thorkil to let them start Specialisterne in the USA as Specialisterne Minnesota.

2013 - The Anne Carlsen Center in Jamestown, ND agrees to the initial funding of operations in the Midwest.

2013 - Specialisterne Minnesota becomes Specialisterne USA based out of Wilmington, DE. Specialisterne Midwest becomes an operating division while waiting to receive its own 501(c)(3) designation.

2014 - Specialisterne Midwest begins operations in Fargo, ND with a first cohort of Specialists of 6 people.

2015 - Specialisterne Midwest becomes a separate non-profit corporation from Specialisterne USA.

2016 - Specialisterne Midwest becomes Mind Shift, retaining the same mission and vision and its connection with the Specialisterne worldwide network.



While creating a self-sustaining model, businesses benefit from the detail-oriented skills of people on the autism spectrum while providing meaningful, sustainable employment.


A world of work where all people are valued for their different ways of thinking.


Respect     Clarity     Accommodation     Accessibility