Dog IDs Partners With Mind Shift

dogIDs is company focused on creating better products for the dogs they adore using innovative, cutting edge technology. But their innovative spirit isn't reserved for just their products. When their wildly successful product line created a need to grow their staff in a market with a significant labor shortage, dogIDS was able to think beyond the traditional labor pool and chose to capitalize on a frequently untapped resource. They have added a skilled individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to their team through a strategic partnership with Mind Shift.

"Our partnership with Mind Shift has resulted in our pack being stronger, our output being greater, and our days being more fun," says James Whirlwind Soldier, dogIDs Director of Business Operations. "Ian is a great edition to our team! We are thankful that this opportunity exists, and look forward to continuing the relationship."

"We are thrilled to have DogID's as a business partner," says Executive Director, Tony Thomann. "They are a company focused on giving their employees the most inclusive environment possible. That makes for a great fit for our Specialist, Ian, and a great partnership to give people on the autism spectrum ways to join a great team. Also, they love dogs! And we do, too!"

dogIDs was founded in Fargo in 2005 by Clint and Lori Howitz in the basement of their home with the purpose of improving the lives of dogs. They do this by manufacturing and supplying the most unique personalized products for dogs on the market. They are driven to do this because they are passionate about dogs and believe that they deserve nothing but the best.

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