Schoenberg's Generous Donation

Schoenberg Family Invests $50,000 in Specialisterne

"Lorance (Larry) and Nellie Schoenberg served for decades in ministry and have a heart for ensuring that all people have the opportunity to utilize their gifts and talents. They spent many years working and raising their family in North Dakota. Although they now reside in Washington, they still feel a strong sense of community within our area.

Recently, during an FM Area Foundation meeting, I had the honor of meeting the Schoenberg family and sharing with them the work of Specialisterne. Larry and Nellie shared with us the story of their son, now an adult, who is on the autism spectrum. They spoke of his talents and their many attempts to have those abilities recognized by society.

According to Larry, "God intended us to enjoy life, not just endure it. For autistic people, there is often so little enjoyment. It is so important to bring joy to them and part of that is providing them with meaningful work. Specialisterne does just that, provide meaningful employment."

Specialisterne's commitment to changing the world of work and providing meaningful employment to those on the autism spectrum prompted the Schoenberg family to donate $50,000 to help see that vision come to fruition. Their contribution, combined with that of others in our community and the support of the Anne Carlsen Center, has enabled us to move toward our goal of fiscal self-sufficiency.

To the Schoenberg family and to all who have supported our work, thank you."
-Cortnee Jensen, Director of Community Relations and Development