Eide Bailly Partnership

Eide Bailly Capitalizes on Specialized Talent

Eide Bailly is a Top 25 CPA and business advisory firm in the nation with 27 offices in 12 states. Reaching that level of excellence requires innovation, vision and the ability to recruit and retain top-tier talent. Facing both a booming economy and a labor shortage in Fargo, N.D., Eide Bailly once again led the industry by capitalizing on a frequently untapped resource: They added skilled individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to their team through a strategic partnership with Specialisterne.“We are in the business of talent; our talent is why our clients continue to turn to us to address their business challenges,” says Scott Kost, Eide Bailly Principal & Director of Technology Consulting. "Partnership with Specialisterne has provided a creative solution to build upon that talent by enabling individuals with autism to showcase their unique skills and make a positive impact on both our team and the success of our clients’ business.”

According to Specialisterne's Executive Director, Tony Thomann, "having a partnership with Eide Bailly is a tremendous honor. Their reputation as an exceptional employer and ethical business is well-known. Their desire to find a place for people with ASD in their workforce shows their commitment to doing good business and to doing good."

Eide Bailly offers a wide variety of strategic services and solutions to enable businesses to grow and succeed. The Technology Consulting practice is driven to help clients find a better way and realize the extraordinary potential in the marketplace today. Their knowledge, passion, and experience transforms the way organizations are doing business, through collaboration with their clients and the leveraging of technology to drive business forward.