"This partnership furthers Athem's commitment to promoting diversity in the workforce - reflecting the diverse consumers and communities we serve."

- Patrick McIntyre, Senior Vice President, Anthem Health Care Analytics

Bell Bank

"Mind Shift has also provided valuable leadership/management information and techniques that can and should be applied for any human being, not solely team members on the spectrum.  For example, clear communication and setting expectations.  These concepts are necessary for any team members and company to be successful."

-Polly Thorsness, Senior Vice President Deposit Operations

Eide Bailly

"We are in the business of talent; our talent is why our clients continue to turn to us to address their business challenges. Partnership with [Mind Shift] has provided a creative solution to build upon that talent by enabling individuals with autism to showcase their unique skills and make a positive impact on both our team and the success of our clients’ business.”

– Scott Kost, Principal and Director of Technology Consulting

High Point Networks

"High Point Networks had a need for a skill set that seemed to be a very good fit for the expertise that Mind Shift excels in providing. We found it to be a very painless and efficient process to engage Mind Shift all the way to the point of having a worker on site and providing real value to our organization. We would highly recommend anyone to contact Mind Shift as we found the experience to be very simple and are happy with the results."

-Kelly Schlauderaff, Chief Financial Officer


"Ian is a huge asset to our production team. He loves being involved with our company and we are so pleased we can say he is part of our team.  

Without the help of Mindshift, we would have never found Ian. They found the perfect fit for our company and found the perfect fit for Ian. We owe so much to Mindshift, they are a fantastic organization that has changed our company for the better."

- Hannah Savoy, Marketing Manager, dogIDs

Myriad Mobile

Mind Shift has provided quality assurance testing for mobile applications. Specialists created test scripts, bug reports and end user test cases.

Myriad Mobile project managers and Mind Shift work together to generate schedules and communication paths between the two organizations.

Anne Carlsen Center

For the Anne Carlsen Center, Mind Shift provides Specialists for Data Cleansing, Migration, Archiving and Document Management. This is a multi-year project converting decades of records to electronic format and creating the electronic system that will replace the current archiving system. Specialists are involved in preparing documents for scanning, ensuring quality, creating efficient systems of work, creating workflows in the document management system and communicating with individuals at the Anne Carlsen Center and the third-party vendor providing the document management software.

Sky Blue Technologies

"Partnering with [Mind Shift] allows us to leverage a talented team to put together detailed test cases and execute these test cases to ensure we find the issues before our customers.  Customer satisfaction is how we measure our success as a company.” 

- Kari Peterson, Co-Founder & President of Sky Blue Technology