Celebrate the 1920s with Mind Shift


On January 16, 1920, the era of Prohibition began in the United States.  This was the day that the 18th Amendment took effect, which made the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcohol illegal.  But did you know that the actual consumption of alcohol was not? 

When we think of this time, we think of gangsters, g-men, tommy guns, and flappers. But a lot more was happening to American culture during the prohibition era.  It was a time of great change and development in our country.  And we are still benefiting from many of those changes today.

The 19th Amendment was passed, finally giving women the right to vote.

Refrigerators, radios, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners were being found in more and more homes thanks to the availability of electricity.

Jazz was becoming a popular musical style.  In fact, the 1920s are often called the “Jazz Age”, despite the fact that many felt the music inspired decadence and immorality.

Color, sound effects, and “talking” were first used in film.  And Mickey Mouse made his debut.

And after being caught drinking alcohol during prohibition, college student Theodor Geisel was barred from participating in extra-curricular activities.  In an effort to continue to write for the college humor magazine, he worked under the pen name “Seuss”, which later became Dr. Seuss.

Celebrate this historic era with Mind Shift on October 10, when we will be throwing our speakeasy-style “In Great Spirits” gala.  The doors open at 6:00pm.  Happy Harry’s is supplying the whiskey, wine, and gin.  Rosey’s Bistro, Twist, The Toasted Frog, and IDK will be offering food pairings.  It will be a night of fun, come in costume, bring a friend, and feel good that the proceeds will help Mind Shift continue its mission to find great careers for people with autism.