MinnKota Recycling and Beverage Wholesalers are Shifting Perspectives on Value

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MinnKota Recycling, Beverage Wholesalers and Mind Shift are excited to announce their partnership. A Mind Shift Specialist is working at MinnKota in the receiving department and at Beverage Wholesalers in the IT department.

Randy Christianson, owner of MinnKota Recycling and Beverage Wholesalers, first heard about the Mind Shift program during a business executives group this past January. He says, “It got my attention immediately; leveraging the strengths of those on the autism spectrum and their value to the labor market.  Strengths like – accuracy, focus, eye for deviation, process refinement, intellectual integrity.  I started to make a list of all the areas we wanted further process development or improved accuracy, particularly with repetitive, sometimes mundane, but complex tasks.  We identified the need and Mind Shift helped tailor our assessment, recruited talent, assisted us with training and are providing continuous support.”

“From the moment I first met Randy Christianson, the owner of MinnKota Recycling and Beverage Wholesalers, I knew that we’d found a business leader who saw the community value of Mind Shift, but also, immediately saw the practical applications of Mind Shift in his organization. His team was brainstorming detail-oriented tasks right away. What a fantastic group of people!” says Tony Thomann, Executive Director of Mind Shift.

Marijo Schwengler, a supervisor of the one of the specialists at MinnKota Recycling really sees the value of Mind Shift, “(Our Specialist) does great job of making sure all the details for work orders are accurate and complete. I am very impressed with her ability to learn how to enter some very complicated transactions.  And when things really do get too complicated, she’s not afraid to ask for help and is always willing to learn. She’s a great addition to the team.”

Mike Christianson, a supervisor at Beverage Wholesalers says, “(Our Specialist) has grasped the concepts we implement in our warehousing infrastructure very quickly. Once roles, expectations and goals were defined, he took ample time doing research, hands on work, and finding alternative options that may suit us better in achieving our goals. When asked to meet and give progress reports, his pre-meeting documentation clearly defines our options and his recommendations. In turn, that allows us to have more productive meetings by having time to lay out different scenarios to discuss as a group, more effectively using our resources.  He has been a great addition to the team, and with his help I have no doubt we can set many new SOP that will not only save us significant time, but also money in the long run.”

Mind Shift continues to value the investment from the local business community. If you’d like to find out more please email, info@mindshift.works.