An amazing team doing amazing work!

The Mind Shift professionals that strive each day to prove how valuable people on the autism spectrum are to the world of work are an incredible bunch. If you ever need insight on autism employment, any of them could provide it.

Their strengths are numerous, but here's a quick sentence on each.

Margie Gray - Unbelievable insight into the nuances of autism and employment from the individual's perspective. 

Cortnee Jensen - A master at building relationships and seeing the synergies between Mind Shift's mission and the people that make up a community.

Evan Ackerman - Remarkable capability in assessing and directing the strengths of people on the spectrum to daily business tasks.

Joy Kieffer - Showing a great talent in bringing together the day-to-day business needs of a business partner with the capacity of a Mind Shift specialist team.

James Whirlwind Soldier - Driven to help businesses see the wisdom and value to their culture and their bottom line in working with Mind Shift.

If any of those topics are interesting to you or someone you know, please reach out to us! You can also pass along this blog and the sign-up information below to your friends, co-workers, managers, supervisors, colleagues, etc, if you'd like to see more of Mind Shift in your community.

-Tony Thomann, Executive Director