Exciting Times!

When we bring a specialist on board with a business partner, it is rewarding and gratifying to see the reaction to their new work, co-workers and workplace. So many of our folks have little to no professional work experience and have had few opportunities to contribute to the workforce in a meaningful way.

Right now, we are abuzz with activity as we expand placements with a couple of business partners and begin new relationships with a few more. We could conceivably double the number of individuals placed at partner organizations over the next couple of months. Talk about exciting. Double the positions being filled with extremely capable workers. Double the number of co-workers who feel pride in being part of organizations doing good work. Double the number of individuals experiencing the sense of being valued. Double the families knowing that independence is possible. Double my gratitude for the opportunity to do the work we do.

With more Specialists working, there is a domino effect created. We need more individuals in our assessment and training process, who will be placed, as well. We are busy on-boarding, assessing, recruiting and preparing for our next training cohort.

As our specialists take the next step in their work lives, we wish them the best. It is exciting to have a sense of being a contribution to the organizations where they work and even more exciting to know that they are improving their quality of life.

- Margie Gray, Employment Services Director