Transformational Discoveries

For someone looking at our business, our focus may seem different depending on where they are standing. For our business partners it is obvious that we are committed to providing talented individuals to add value to their operations. But from where our specialists stand, the focus is quite different.

While working with a specialist recently to sort through an opportunity for employment, I was reminded that we are a different kind of employer. In going through the list of requirements of a particular job, he identified a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. To me, it seemed so insignificant. It had to do with dress code.

We dug into the issue in conversation. I wanted to understand the source of the obstacle. After we finished our conversation, we decided that we would keep looking for a better fit for him, but I had a much better understanding than when we started. The reason for the obstacle was not what I had initially guessed.

He told me that we are the first employer that has taken the time or had the experience to really dig into the obstacles that he has in the workplace. He continued to explain that we have shown that we actually care about getting the "real" answer rather than accepting an excuse or superficial reason. Getting to the “real” reason is important to me, because then I have a better chance of finding a good fit for him in the workplace.

However, there is another, more important outcome for the specialist. In his words, the conversation meant “…having the opportunity to dive into my own spaghetti code (his term for the tangled web in his brain) and engage in some self-discovery to really understand what’s getting in my way and figure out what I’m truly capable of.” Ultimately, that means he gets to understand the value he brings to the workplace. One of our core needs as humans is to feel valuable and that IS life changing.

~ Margie Gray, Employment Services Director