75 Million!

Did you know that the workforce has around 75 million Baby Boomers who will be 70 years old in the next 15 years? 75 million!

If you have 100 people in your businesses, let's say 25 are Boomers, and you are hoping to double in size over the next 10 years, you won't just be hiring 100 new people, you'll be hiring 125. And that's with no attrition with anyone else. And you lose the Boomers experience and institutional knowledge.

Replacing that many workers is not going to happen with the current supply in the workforce. Taking time to think through succession planning, flexible positions and (this is where Mind Shift comes in) the possibilities in a larger labor pool is time well spent. 

Most of us access the labor pool through the act of "posting" a position, reviewing resumes or applications, conducting interviews, and then hiring and training a new candidate. And in the times of abundant supply (like when the Baby Boomers were all actively engaged in the labor market) it was enough. It's becoming less effective now, and it doesn't extend into the pool far enough to find the variety of workers needed to run a business.

Mind Shift believes that people on the autism spectrum can contribute meaningful work and offer employers a different entrance into the larger labor pool. Even by considering a Specialist, a business is building what will become more and more necessary as the boomers leave the workforce.

So consider that today, in your own place of work, which of your employees/co-workers is part of the 75 million. (Maybe, you are a part of the 75 million.) Are you ready for the day that that person is no longer there? Have you considered how the variety of tasks they do will be done? Could a Mind Shift specialist do work that would allow you to begin better succession planning?

Boomers leaving the workforce is an absolute. Know what it will do to the operations of your workplace, because a change from those 75 million is going to be dramatic.