Businesses Find Success Through Neurodiversity


The article “Why Microsoft, Chase and Others Are Hiring More People With Autism” by Neil Parmar states that many businesses are actively recruiting and hiring individuals on the autism spectrum, and they are doing so because it makes good business sense. 

However, in spite of the awareness of autism being a real advantage to the world of work, there are still challenges that are faced by individuals on the spectrum which make employment difficult.  Parmar makes the point that organizations don’t need to work alone.  There are a number of government agencies and programs in place to assist with hiring individuals with autism.  And there are also many non-profit organizations that offer support to both employees on the autism spectrum and to those businesses that hire them.

One such organization is Mind Shift.  We have placed over 30 individuals in great careers in the Fargo and Minneapolis areas, and hope to have Specialists placed in the near future in the Milwaukee market.

And we support not only our specialists, but also the businesses that we work with. With Mind Shift, you not only get a qualified employee, you also get a team of professionals who refuse to believe that autism is a limitation.  Instead, we see it as a strength. 

If you are looking for talented and intelligent employees with integrity and an eye for innovation, contact Mind Shift.  We work with businesses to recruit and hire individuals with autism for those important tasks that drive your business forward. 

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