"In Great Spirits" is an Opportunity to Celebrate and Educate


Next Tuesday, October 10, Mind Shift is throwing its annual “In Great Spirits” gala.  This will be the third year that we have hosted this Speakeasy-style Wine, Whiskey, and Gin tasting event.  All proceeds will go to Mind Shift and our continuing mission to find meaningful careers for individuals on the autism spectrum. 

The event also allows Mind Shift to shine a light on an often invisible and misunderstood disability.  In fact, many people have little or no knowledge of autism, in spite of its prevalence in our society.  For example, did you know that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism?  And that the number is 1 in 42 when it comes to boys? 

Here are a few facts about autism, one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in the united states:

1.     Autism will cost a family $60,000 per year on average.

2.     Over 3.5 million people in the U.S. have autism (70 million people worldwide).

3.     The average age of diagnosis of autism is 4 years old.

4.     Half of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder have average or above average intelligence.

5.     April 2 is Autism Awareness Day.

6.     1% of the world’s population has autism.

7.     85% of adults on the spectrum are unemployed or underemployed.

8.     Autism services cost U.S. citizens $236-263 billion annually.

9.     Dan Aykroyd, Susan Boyle, Daryl Hannah, Dan Harmon, and Courtney Love have been diagnosed with autism.

10.  From the Greek word “autos”, autism literally translates to “alone.”

Because of facts like these, Mind Shift is proud to be able to host “In Great Spirits.”  This opportunity to eat, drink and be merry not only supports our goal of finding careers for individuals on the spectrum, it also creates an opportunity to learn about autism and how it impacts those around us.

Please join us on October 10 at the Stone Building downtown.  The doors will be open from 6pm until 9pm, and tickets can be purchased on our website, www.mindshift.works.