Tonight's the night to be "In Great Spirits!"


There are only hours left before our “In Great Spirits” wine, whiskey, and gin tasting event begins, and thus only hours before friends and supporters begin to fill the ballroom of downtown Fargo’s Stone Building (the old Avalon). 

The doors will open (if you have the password) at 6:00pm.

Happy Harry’s will be providing the spirits.  Rosey’s, Twist, Toasted Frog, Altony’s, Déjà Vu Catering, and Vexi’s Bakery will be keeping us happy with their fine food.

Dan Christianson will be filling the space with music, and Patrick Kasper will be teaching us a thing or two about cutting a rug. 

And we of course need to mention the Mob Families (sponsors) that made all of this happen, Office Sign Company, Midco, Bell Bank, New York Life, and Killbourne Group.

Thank you to all of those friends and well-wishers that donated their time, money, and talent to tonight’s event. 

To those who will be attending, we can’t wait to see you!  We’re ready to eat, drink, laugh, and dance the night away. 

And to those who are still thinking about attending, we really hope you do!  All proceeds go to our continued mission to find great careers for awesome people on the autism spectrum.  We promise to save you a dance.

You can buy tickets at the door, or by following this link:

See you tonight!