Remarkable People

     Over the last few days, I've had the opportunity to talk with a number of people who are interested in working for Mind Shift. Again and again, I'm amazed by the intelligence and candor of people on the autism spectrum.

     As I sit and listen to their stories, their career hopes and begin to glean their potential, it continues to reaffirm the importance of what we do at Mind Shift. We are trying to help these folks integrate and succeed in the world of work. Perhaps, though, the greater work is helping business people and employers see the potential value that these people can bring.

   Words that come up again and again when they describe themselves as workers; "dependable", "accurate", "honest", and "like to be busy".

One person told me that a job didn't work out because there wasn't enough work. I assumed that meant that the employer had let him go when business didn't justify the extra person. In fact, the employer was sad to see him go. He had quit because there weren't enough tasks every day to make him feel that his time was well spent! 

     In a time when we malign the work ethic of the young (which mirrors all times), it seems a shame that people who really WANT to be busy, who want to have tasks, can't easily secure work. Let's fix that. Let's put these people to work.

-Tony Thomann