Three Years

The end of 2016 marks 3 years of operations for Mind Shift. In those three years we have gone from an idea supported by a few to a business that is demonstrating each day that people on the autism spectrum are viable and valuable workers.

Ideas become reality through advocacy and dedication and Mind Shift's ideas would not be a reality without the efforts of Margie Gray, Evan Ackerman, Cortnee Jensen and Joy Kieffer. Their daily work to forward our goals and mission have truly changed the reality for our Specialists, for our business partners and for our community.

Our board of directors has been the guiding force for our work. Thanks to all of the current board members, including Tim Hanson, Steve Kowalke, Todd Lindberg, Mikki Bedard, Eric Monson, Tim Eissinger, Josh Teigen and Jackie Punch. And thanks to those who have served as board members, including Marcia Gums and Arnaud Melin. 

Our organization is also helped by committees. Committee members who have been an enormous part of our progress are Mireille Genadry, Peggy Roos, Michael Jablon, Julie Peterson, Jane Schuh, Kari Peterson, Sue Estenson and Linette Dahl.

The most important work toward creating a world of work where all differences are valued is done by our Specialists. Each day they show their unbelievable capacity in the workforce continues the change that Mind Shift was created to make.

We are thrilled to see what the next 3 years holds!