"Why Mind Shift?"

-contributed by Joy Kieffer -

“Why Mind Shift?” That is a great question.

At Mind Shift, our tag line is “Doing Good Business While Also Doing Good.”  We help businesses employ the strengths of people on the autism spectrum for the detailed work required in their field of work.

Mind Shift works by identifying the tasks that exist in most businesses that are exacting and filled with detail. Once a business contracts with us, we provide a unique value-added service to individuals on the autism spectrum and to the business. Each potential specialist participates in a rigorous training program that includes a self- assessment process, training on workplace etiquette, and training on specific skills that are related to the work they’ll be doing. This process can span three to eight weeks.

At the end of the training period, successful candidates are given a business profile that describes their strengths and their value to the world of work that goes along with and complements their resume. Successful candidates are hired by Mind Shift as Specialists are placed in the job that is best suited to their profile.

Once a Specialist is placed on a job, Mind Shift continues to work with Specialists and the business partner through regular contacts. The employer knows that Mind Shift works hard to ensure that every Specialist is the best employee possible.

So, “Why Mind Shift?” We care about our Specialists, and we care about the companies that contract with us. We want our Specialists to excel at their jobs, and our business partners businesses to thrive.  When our Specialists are successful at work, they become valued contributing members of society- they see themselves differently, as productive and respected people within the community.