App Data Room making good on their pledge

The MN Tech Diversity Pledge aims to address the lack of diversity within the Twin Cities' tech sector. Companies that take this pledge are making a commitment to expand employment and career development practices to include underrepresented populations, to hire people from diverse backgrounds, to educate employees about unconscious bias and prejudice, and to be transparent regarding their efforts. CEO of Clockwork, Nancy Lyons, is championing this initiative - and one company is already acting on their pledge!

App Data Room, a local tech company that specializes in mobile sales enablement, partnered with Mind Shift to help with software testing. App Data Room is growing fast and can no longer handle all of its testing in house. They partnered with us for three main reasons 1) our ability to meet their on-demand needs, 2) our Specialists' high quality of work, and 3) our quick turnaround times. Through their pledge, App Data Room is learning how leveraging diversity can help their community as well as their bottom line.

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